About Us
About the Plant House

It's really about the plants!  Over the years as interior plantscapers
and exterior landscapers  our customers, and often their
employees or patrons would ask where they could come to browse
our inventory and pick up a plant or two. Unfortunately, our answer
was always the same, "Sorry, we don't have a retail location, but
maybe someday".  We were also a little surprised at how many
people had so many questions about plants and how to care for
them.  Another thing folks told us over and over again were they
couldn't  find healthy high quality plants and their wasn't a big
enough variety available in the Omaha area.  In 2009,  we decided it
was time to provide a place for "plant people" and  "plant admirers"
and opened
The Plant House.  As a specialty plant store we pride
ourselves in offering our customers the highest professional
quality plants at reasonable prices, and lots of unusual plants  and
orchids. In fact our love of orchids means we have Omaha's largest
selection of orchids.  Yes, orchids and they are both beautiful and
fascinating....and yes, it is possible for anyone--- even you to be
successful growing orchids in your home.  The plant professionals
at The Plant House will happily show you how. Orchids are one of
the largest plant families and very diverse. Did you know there are
more than 25,000 identified species orchids and more than five
times as many hybrids.   You'll be amazed at what a difference
sharing your living and work space with plants can do to improve
your overall health and sense of well-being. Whether you are
looking for a special interior plant, need a plant delivered, want a
landscape design or just have a plant question come visit us at
The Plant House.
The Plant House offers a full array of plant, floral and
landscaping services for both home and business. Call today
or visit our retail store.