"Celebrate with Orchids" in Omaha
exclusively  at The Plant House
Orchids are a long-lasting and particularly elegant flower making them
a perfect gift for any occasion. The “Celebrate with Orchids” gift lets
you select a special date or event  to send an orchid gift . If you would
like multiple gifts by month or date you may pre-select throughout the
year and we will automatically select and deliver flowering orchids as
you designate.  We keep track of the date and insure a beautiful
blooming plant is delivered on that date.  Of course you may specify a
certain genera or color of orchid and we will do our best to fulfill your
specific requests.  Each orchid is delivered with a care guide for the
particular orchid type and enclosure card to remind them of your
If you wish to send an orchid, foliage plant or fresh cut flowers for a
special occasion, funeral or memorial service  we provide same day
delivery and there is
never a wire or service charge for rush
Did you know many orchids also make wonderful houseplants?  
Each Plant House orchid comes with a care guide outlining steps
for its' care and continued growth.  At The Plant House we like to
say "orchids aren't hard to grow, they're just different".

Nature is always in style

The Plant House, Omaha's only orchid specialists
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