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Green spaces are better
The Plant Guy specializes in a wide variety of
plants from "Aglaonemas to Zinnias". We provide
designs to enhance your  residence or business 12
months of the year and adaptable to Omaha's
particular weather.  Our goal is to provide optimal
plant selection reflecting your style, enhancing
your environment and meeting your budget.
Whether you want us to maintain your landscape
or you want us to install a low maintenance
landscape for self-maintenance we have the ideas
and knowledge for success.  
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Our professional maintenance and mowing insures exterior shrubs, containers and lawns remain in peak
condition and are beautiful, healthy,and thriving.  All maintenance duties are provided without any
interruption to your business or family activities.   

The Plant Guy strives to create botanical displays of all sizes reflecting your individual taste and style.  We
draw on years of experience to design, install and maintain your plants so you never need to settle for the
usual and can always count on something special.

The Plant Guy believes  "Herbacious spaces make smiling faces" in both our landscapes and indoor living
We don't just mow, we
We don't just mow, we
We don't just mow, we
We don't just mow, we manicure