Decorative Concrete Landscape Borders
Decorative Landscape Edging brings instant curb appeal to any
landscape and eases maintenance!   Beautify your yard and
increase the value of your home!  We install continuous, decorative
concrete borders. Many colors, patterns and styles to choose from.  
So...replace those ugly plastic borders or cracking bricks in your
yard. Call today for your free estimate and to see our many
samples.  Your landscaping will be the envy of the neighborhood!  
All work is expertly installed and guaranteed.  Contractors
welcome.  Find out more at
Top quality plants
Your best bet for long term success with plants is to start with
quality plants.
We have interior-scape professional quality tropicals  and
landscape choices.   Knowing what plants will thrive with your
light and moisture conditions is critical as well - we can help.  
Plants are available for rental and delivery is available.
Concrete landscape edging
ZZ plant
Landscaping Wave pentunias, arbor vitae

We'll just have to say it again - start with quality
plants, and some professional advice and you
be amazed at the results. Don't settle for  tall grass
clumps surrounded by mulch, let
Mother Nature's
endless variety and colors make your
more interesting.
The Plant House is here for your
large or small landscaping projects
.  Whether it's
planning, installation or maintenance you always
talk to a professional. We pride ourselves in
quality plants
and If we don't have what you're
looking for
we will do our best to find it.
Largest Orchid Selection in Omaha!
A common misconception is that orchids are hard to grow... but
they are not!  We say "orchids aren't hard to grow they're just  
different".   Stop and let us help you enjoy these amazingly
detailed and diverse plants.  Starting with a healthy, well-cared
for orchid will much increase your success and enjoyment.  Did
you know many orchids bloom for a month or more?  If you're
still unsure, sign up for Orchids 101, and learn everything you
need to get started e in a 2 hour class.  
We take pride in being able to find the
hard to find.  We love the plants you
just don't see elsewhere.  Let us
know what you're looking for...
A Contorted Filbert?  A Fineline
Buckthorn? A Grammatophylum
Orchid? A Neapanthes? A
Tillandsia?   Wait, a Living Rock is
what you been looking for?  

Not a problem, just let us know.
ZZ Plant and container
Containers, Containers,
Now you need just the right container for
your ZZ plant?  No problem.   A tasteful pot
for your orchid that is blooming?  No
problem either. An Outdoor container for a
palm on your patio?  Come on in.

Custom Terrariums, Topiaries,
Wreaths and Holiday Decor
and Unique Gifts
              Same day Local Delivery on Fresh Flowers, Orchids & Plants
most unique cut flowers for all
We don't just mow, we manicure

We specialize in
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